A-lone map: your journey through communal loneliness, Amsterdam

A-lone map: your journey through communal loneliness, Amsterdam

Together in our quarantine, we are drafting a map of stories of Amsterdam! A-lone map is a community of (non)professional writers, storytellers, and poets from different backgrounds that share their stories on what loneliness means to them in these unusual times. How us or our characters experience social distancing as visitors or citizens of Amsterdam. Each month the storytellers "get together", read their pieces, discuss them and slowly bring more “loners” along. It is through stories that we get to know our loneliness and empower the community to reclaim their relationship with it.

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To mitigate the effects of coronavirus we need to do more for each other, we will overcome the virus together, as a community. Our emotional and mental health is equally important as our fysical welbeing and this is a great moment to take care of ourselve and others. Only by helping each other can we reduce the spread of the virus.

Share your stories of quarantine and social ditancing, you are not alone at feeling lonely!

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